Are Snugtops Worth it?

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Snugtops are a brand of truck caps that add coverage to pickup trucks. Truck caps can be great for people who want more room for storage in their pickup, as well as more security. This video is a review of one man’s Snugtop that he has owned for three years.

The Snugtop this man purchased has oversized windows and an extra remote control lock system for more security. The front windows slide open and shut for better airflow on hot days. He also has a reinforced carrying capacity for greater durability and hauling power.

The cap itself is very tough. The man built a system of pulleys in his garage to lift the cap off of the truck to make it easier when he wanted to remove it. However, the first build was under-engineered and the support beams failed. The cap came crashing down with a rooftop cargo carrier attached. The results? Only two minor cracks in the cap. It’s still totally functional.

It’s a robust cap with plenty of structural integrity. It fits perfectly over the truck bed and tailgate. Everything is snug and secure. The liner in the morning gives the truck bed great insulation which allows you and your family to sleep in the truck bed on camping trips.

For more benefits and disadvantages, check out the video above.

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