Collision Repair Services Start to Finish

Almost everyone has crashed their car at some point, and they might be wondering what happens when they take it to collision repair services. Fortunately, Mohawk Collision Center uploaded a video on their Youtube channel called “Collision Repair Process Start to Finish” where they describe what happens to your vehicle when it’s repaired. Let’s find out more!

What Happens During Collision Repair?

When your car first comes into the mechanic shop, the employee does a pre-scan and wheel alignment on it. During a pre-scan, mechanics can determine the computer codes that have malfunctioned after the collision.

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The data lets them know all the concerns regarding your car and what should be done next. This is because the more modern vehicles contain AI, cruise control, cameras, etc. which might have been affected after an accident. Afterward, there’s the wheel alignment to determine if it needs something simple or if there’s anything wrong with the suspension.

The next process is the blueprint and disassembly process, which is done so meticulously at the repair shop that all pieces are marked and labeled so that any worker can easily come in and fix it themselves even if they weren’t there during the beginning of the process.

Check out the rest of the video for more details and remember to take your vehicle to trusted collision repair services so that you never have a problem!


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