The Basics of Junk Car Recycling

What makes junk cars valuable? Shouldn’t junk cars be thrown away in junkyards or be recycled? Junk car recycling has become an essential part of our lives. Find out why these vehicles are worth investing in and learn some proven ways to recycle them.

Most cars in the UK have a lifespan of 13.5 years. Every year, the country recycles about 2 million vehicles.

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When a junk car is brought to a local recycling center, dismantling it using complex machines begins. These tools shred metal and reusable components, then thoroughly examine and sort them based on their material type. Parts like tires, engines, transmissions, and frames turn into cash for junk cars. In contrast, the remaining junk ends up in a landfill.

Junk cars provide a wealth of resources, including precious metals such as copper, aluminum, brass, and steel. The recyclers can turn these materials into new products, like bottles or packaging. Also, junk car recycling decreases the amount of waste generated, saving precious space in landfills. The value of the metal makes the entire process profitable.

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