Signs Your Cars Shocks and Struts Are Calling for Attention

Shocks and struts may not be the most glamorous components of your vehicle, but they play a crucial role in providing a smooth and controlled ride. Often overlooked, these parts can wear out over time due to various factors like potholes, road salt corrosion, or simply wear from regular use. If you experience any of the signs below, consider visiting an automotive repair shop that offers replacement shocks and struts.

1. Rough Ride: One of the most noticeable signs of worn shocks and struts is a rougher ride.

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If your car feels bumpier than usual, especially after hitting a pothole or rough terrain, it could be a sign that these components need attention.

2. Excessive Bouncing: After hitting a bump, does your car bounce more than once? This bouncing motion is a clear indicator that your shocks and struts aren’t effectively dampening the suspension movement, potentially compromising your vehicle’s stability and comfort.

3. Nosediving During Braking: When you brake hard or make a panic stop, does the front of your car nosedive excessively? This could signal worn-out or damaged shocks and struts, affecting your car’s braking performance and overall safety.

4. Oil Leaks: Inspect your shocks and struts for oil leaks. If you notice oily dirt or sludge buildup on these components, it’s a sign that they’re failing and in need of replacement.

Regularly checking and maintaining your shocks and struts is essential for a smooth and safe driving experience. Remember, it’s crucial to replace them in pairs to ensure optimal performance and safety on the road.


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