A Few Quick Tips for Trailer Tires and Wheels

Seeking top trailer tires and wheels advice? This video above has you covered. Understanding tire markings is the initial step in selecting the right tire for your trailer. As the reporter states, keep an eye out for that pivotal “ST” (Standard Trailer) label on the tire, denoting its suitability for trailers and distinguishing it from the “LT” or “P” varieties meant for vehicles.

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Once identified, delving into the subsequent numbers unveils the tire’s width, accompanied by codes like “R” or “D,” which specify different tire types. The ultimate number in the sequence reveals the aspect ratio, a vital piece in comprehending the tire’s dimensions. However, alongside decoding markings, considering the trailer’s size is equally crucial in this tire selection journey. Choosing an undersized tire might result in substantial travel challenges, potentially causing excessive tire wear — a definite spoiler for your road trip.

Towing safety takes the front seat in importance, especially after a tire replacement. The reporter warns about inconsistencies in tires, specifically related to the “R” and “D” codes, which could lead to significant driving complications. Ensuring uniformity in these codes across all your trailer tires is pivotal for a smooth ride. If you’re ever in doubt or have burning questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to your trusted tire sales representative for guidance.

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