A cracked bumper is an ugly sight for car owners as fixing them might cost them a couple of hundred bucks. More often than not, these are simple problems that can be dealt with at home along with a few tools and by following these basic steps on the bumper repair.

Step 1: Take out your bumper cover and inspect the crack. At the back of your bumper, you can see the crack, and the first thing you are going to do is clean the edges of the cracked surface, so the epoxy adheres well to the other cracked part.

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Step 2: To smoothen the cracked surface, use a rotary tool with a grinding bit and slowly run the bit towards the surface to make it smooth. This will increase the surface area by grinding a V-groove onto the cracked surface, allowing more epoxy glue on the surface.

Step 3: Join the two cracked sides and clamp them using clamping pliers and tape to secure the front side of the bumper.

Step 4: The next step in your bumper repair is using a plastic bonder on the inside of your cracked bumper. Fill in the crack and ensure it is evenly layered out to give an excellent adherence to the binding product and the plastic. Let it sit for 15 minutes.

Step 5: After 15 minutes, apply a second coating to the crack and put it nice and easy.


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