Tips for Towing Trailers

Hauling cargo through automobile transportation is an endeavor that requires planning, safe transportation, and know-how. A pickup truck is a necessary automobile for handling your tow needs, so we are going to go over a few tips you will need for towing trailers with a pickup truck.

Having a pickup truck equipped with special tow packages is required to tow. Firstly, make sure you hook a trailer whose weight does not exceed the maximum capacity of your vehicle.

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You can consult the driver’s manual that came with your truck to learn your vehicle’s exact capabilities. There are two basic components of your truck hitch that you will need to safely tow. The receiver (which will be either bolted or welded), and the drawbar that is inserted inside of the hitch. Be sure to apply a light layer of grease on the trailer ball before attaching anything to it. This will allow the trailer tongue to slide onto the ball smoothly and without any risk of becoming stuck.

Those were just a few basic tips for safely towing using your pickup trucks. For a more comprehensive list of tow tricks, check out the video we have linked above!


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