How to Apply an Affordable Window Tint

Window tints are a worthwhile investment to make toward your automobile. They provide UV protection from the sun, allow a level of comfort and privacy for the driver and their passengers, as well as grant your car a sleek new look. You can have tinting applied by a professional company, but this is also an activity you can do yourself. We’re going to provide a general rundown of the tools needed to apply an affordable window tint by yourself.

Firstly, you can buy your own affordable window tint from online retailers such as Amazon or eBay. Make sure you review customer reviews and the seller’s product range to make a well-researched purchase decision.

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Let’s start running through the tools you need for tint application. A squeegee product, which you can also find at any retailer, will be required. A stainless steel ofla blade, which truly must be stainless steel as anything else will cut your glass. Finally, a glass cleaner will be crucial for your end product.

Additional basic items such as Sharpies, a scrubbing pad, and a tape measurer can be found in online DIY kits.

For more info on how to fully apply a window tint on your own, consult the video we have linked above.


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