5 Best Accessories for Utility Trailers

This video reveals accessories that enhance the use of a trailer. Utility trailers are compact non-powered vehicles with an open-top rear cargo compartment that is pulled by a motorized vehicle and is used to move light cargoes.

The Top 5 Accessories for Utility Trainers

1. Wheel Chocks

These are to stop the trailer from rolling away when not secured to the main vehicle.

2. Tongue Box

This is used to store small items and tools and is secured to the utility trailer.

3. Trailer Locks

It is important to be able to lock the trailer, the coupler, and the safety chains to prevent theft.

4. Rear Jack Stands

Bolted onto the frame, these stabilizing jacks support the rear of the utility trailer when extended. Loading and unloading cargo becomes easier and safer, especially when the trailer is not attached to the vehicle.

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5. Jack Stand Casters

This makes it possible to maneuver the trailer without having to lift it from the front. It can be swapped with a jack stand foot.

These accessories enhance the functionality of utility trailers. Most of these parts can be purchased online or sourced from the local hardware store.

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