The Greatest Part of Working With an Auto Dent Repair Company

On Sunday PDR Business Talk, a YouTube channel, this video talks about how damaged vehicle dent prices are estimated. The video is titled ” How I Price My Paintless Dent Repair”. He explains that pricing is a touchy subject but the service they provide can be well worth the cost. An auto dent repair company can make your vehicle look new.

Paintless dent repair is used to repair dings, dents, and large areas where the paint is intact.

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It can be used to repair damaged panels for painting by eliminating filler materials. Large dents can be repaired using this method if the metal and paint have not been stretched. The company offers a painting service when this method is not enough to fix the vehicle.

They charge $150 for a one-inch dent and a three-inch dent would be around $250. The cost is determined by the size of the dent, hourly rate, and what is needed to repair the damage. When examining a large dent, they may have to estimate the type of metal, painting costs, and parts that have to be replaced due to interior damage. A seven- to eight-inch dent may cost $500 to $700 dollars. If the vehicle needs a paint job added on, this will be an extra expense. Overall, dent repair costs about $125 per hour using a technician with three to four years of experience. The work provided by an auto dent repair company requires specialized skills and is labor intensive.

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