Viper Alarm System Review

Car alarms have come a long way over time. There has been a rise in car robberies all over the country. This video reviews one of the top car alarms- the viper alarm. The Viper 5706V is the most high-end car alarm on the market.

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Having a Viper decal on your car’s window is viewed by many to be an effective, albeit unproven, deterrent.

The Viper 5806V comes with two ultra-simple, elegant remotes that let you lock or unlock the doors, arm the alarm system, start the car and even automatically detect the temperature of the car and have it start itself. The LC3 makes it very easy to respond to alerts since it tells you exactly what is happening to your car. For example, if the car door opens, the remote beeps and the screen reads “Door Open.” Using the remote, you can start your car minutes before you leave so the internal temperature can adjust to your liking. This is a fantastic convenience to have on exceptionally cold or hot days, as long as you don’t mind letting your car idle.

Although it is an investment, a Viper car alarm can provide that extra peace of mind for your car’s security.


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