Vehicle Lettering Installation

In this video, you will learn about vehicle lettering installation and vehicle wrapping. The first thing is to clean the car and especially the area where the vehicle lettering is to be installed. That area needs to be very neat and clean so that there is no problem faced throughout the process of lettering.

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After choosing and cleaning the surface, you need to bring the vinyl lettering that you own. Then, with the help of a tape, you need to attach the letter pad to the car area.
You also need to measure its size before the installation. Then you need master tape to attach it to the both top sides in the process of vehicle wrapping. After it is pasted just right, you need to rub it up using some solid material. Now you need to lift up the letter pad and take off its sticker but don’t let it touch the surface of the car yet. Then you will have to apply it by pressing it against the vehicle and very smoothly using a solid material. You can use left and right motions to do so.
After its pasted, then you need to take it off using a 45-degree angle. However, when you need to remove the vinyl lettering, you can use a hairdryer or a straight razor. It can peel the vinyl off the surface of the car. You can also loosen the adhesive by using a hairdryer and then remove it easily.

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