White Mineral Oil? What are its Key Attributes and Industry Applications

Ask any base oil supplier, and they’ll tell you one thing; white mineral oil is a commodity of very high demand because of its extensive application across the industrial sector. This high viscosity oil has very vital attributes that confer it, its broad and varied applications in many industries.

This piece will highlight what all the fuss is about white mineral oil, and why most base oil suppliers’ supply chains are rife with white mineral oil clients. But first, what is white mineral Oil

White Mineral oil: The Definition

White mineral oil is a Group 3 base oil with a viscosity index of above 120. It is a highly refined oil and comprises of saturated alicyclic and aliphatic hydrocarbons, which are non-polar. White mineral oil are colorless and retains the same color throughout. It is also odorless, tasteless, and chemically inert.

Key Attributes of White Mineral Oil

Since it is a Group 3 base oil, white mineral oil has certain attributes similar to other base oils and some other unique properties that make it ideal for specific industry applications. The following are some key attributes of white mineral oil.

1. Completely neutral

White mineral oil can be termed correctly as completely neutral. White mineral oil is completely colorless, and unlike other substances does not change color over time, it is also odorless and tasteless, as well as chemically inert. The absence of strong physical and chemical qualities make white mineral oil a suitable choice for use in the food and pharmaceutical industries since it is safe for human and animal consumption.

Because it is odorless, tasteless, and chemically inert is a food grade. Most base oil suppliers deliver huge quantities of white mineral oil to food manufacturing industries like the vinegar production industry. Food grade white oil can also be used as a lubricant for food equipment since it doesn’t contaminate, change the color or the taste of the food produced.

2. It Does Not Conduct electricity but Great for Heat Transfer

Mineral white oil cannot conduct electricity but is great at transferring heat. A special attribute that makes white mineral oil and excellent coolant for electronic components of various machines without fear of an electrical hazard. Electrical space heaters, for instance, use mineral oil as the media of heat transfer because of these two attributes.

3. Chemically Inert and High Boiling Points

White mineral oil is chemically inert, which renders it the perfect lubricant for various industrial machines and equipment since there is zero chance of corrosion or any chemical action that may be detrimental to the industrial equipment or product of manufacturing. Mineral white oil has a first boiling point of about 425 degrees Fahrenheit but can extend to up to 1190 degrees Fahrenheit, meaning it can withstand heat from intensive machine action without boiling away or igniting since it has a very low flammability rating of one.

White Mineral Oil for Rubbers and Plastic Industry

White mineral oil has varied uses in the plastic and rubber industry for many processes. Apart from being the preferred lubricant for plant machines, white mineral oil is a crucial component of the rubber and plastic production. Plastic manufacturers sometimes use the oil as a pigment distribution agent in the production of plastic. White mineral oil also helps control the melting flow rate of components in the manufacture of polystyrene and polyolefin among other substances

The rubber and plastic industry has a strong partnership with base oil suppliers because of their industries’ dependence on white mineral oil from base oil suppliers. Introspectively there is a definite correlation between the quality of rubber and plastics produced by these industries and the chain of supply. Therefore, industries must find the right base oil supplier or risk compromising the quality of their products.

Hopefully you now have a firm understanding of the properties that make white mineral such an essential substance in many industries.

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