Your Guide to Golf Cart Service and Repairs

Owning a golf cart comes with responsibility, as the accompanying video stated an owner must stay on top of their golf cart service and make the necessary repairs throughout the year. A cart’s lifespan depends on usage and maintaining a good maintenance schedule. If the necessary repairs are made on a timely basis, a golf cart can operate without trouble for up to 10 years before the vehicle needs to be replaced.

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Check the Condition of the Cart’s Battery

A battery-operated golf cart will need fewer repairs than the life of a gas model. But that only occurs if an owner maintains a regular maintenance schedule, which includes routine service checks. The battery’s condition is crucial as it is the life source of the cart. During heavy usage periods, a golf cart’s battery must be fully charged daily. Keep an eye on the battery charging level on the dashboard. An orange light indicator is the alert that the battery needs charging immediately. Also, inspect all battery cable connectors as they need to be tight at all times.

Golf cart maintenance continues when the vehicle is not in use. Inspecting the condition of the cart’s tires will enhance the vehicle’s performance level. Also, check the air pressure for each tire. Ideally, the air pressure should be between 19–21 pounds per square inch (PSI). It will protect the tire’s threads, which provides traction for rough terrain found on a golf course.


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