Your Basic Guide to Auto Repair

With a car, as with most things, preventative maintenance can keep your vehicle running more safely. In their YouTube video, “Basic Auto Mechanic Facts,” Car and Driver reviews basic auto repair tasks a driver can do to stay safe. Mechanic Ben Wodylja showed how to check “under the hood.

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Check Fluids

Fluids keep your engine running efficiently. Check the level of each fluid. If you don’t know how or what your car’s fluids should look like, consult your user manual.

The power steering fluid is checked first; then, the coolant and brake fluid. The receptacle for some of these is in the car’s rear, so carry a flashlight if you need more light. Ben checked the oil next. Although the oil level and appearance were satisfactory, Ben noted it was time for an oil change.

More Maintenance Advice

Ben recommends changing your oil every 7500 miles. After the oil, check the oil filter, which needs to be changed when dark brown. All moving parts – under the hood and on the doors – must be lubed to prevent problems.

Tire pressure should be, on average, 35 PSI. When in doubt, consult your auto repair user manual. Windshield wipers should be changed twice a year. Ben promised the channel would demonstrate maintenance underneath the car in their next video.


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