How Do Industrial Air Compressors Work?

Two types of industrial air compressors are typically used in an industrial setting. The first is a reciprocating compressor that uses gas to be pressed into a small area, increasing the pressure. The second style is used to speed up gas with an impellor which pushes the gas around and causes pressure to build up.

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The pressure is then used to push air into the tank, allowing air tools to be used.
The compressed air system takes in air, and a compressor compresses the air into the system, which removes moisture and heat. The air is then sent through the air header, where the compressed air can be used in the plant. The air is then stored in the tank.
Compressed air is an easy way for companies to provide the power needed to get work done. It can be used to power tools and even transport air into things that need to be inflated. Air compressors can come in all sizes and are versatile enough to use a wide range of items.

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