Dealing With Gaps on Vehicle Wraps

Gaps or the recessed area can be challenging for vinyl film wraps. Often, vehicle ad wrappings wrinkle around the front and back door area. A good finish should be wrapped seamlessly using a single vinyl wrap film.

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However, the section between the back and front door should be carefully approached to achieve the best results. When approaching that gap, the vehicle ad wrappings installer should create a 45-degree relaxation cut at the top of the material. Later, they can begin from the corners while working from top to bottom. For the best results, an installer must work on the most challenging areas where the vehicle ad wrappings experience the most tension.

Apply heat to the wrap film to ease it while holding it with the other hand. With the hard edge of a squeegee, move the material along the gap’s edge where the corner is. Doing so prevents wrinkles along the sides. Suppose the vehicle has molding in the center. Work on that area first and install the vehicle ad wrappings along problem areas before less problematic ones. Working on sites with more tension eases the process for the other regions. Apply heat lightly while holding the wrapping. At this point, the wrappings should be well secured around the gap area.

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