The Right Way to Tow

If you’ve ever had to call a tow truck or recovery service after a vehicle breakdown, you’ll know how important they are. The wrong way to tow can cost you a fortune. This video explains how to perform a tow safely without damaging your car.

When it comes to towing a vehicle, professionalism matters more than price. A great towing service company should have modern equipment such as cluster hooks that do the job efficiently. Besides, modern cars are fragile and require special care when towing them.

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That means using special equipment such as cluster hooks to ensure proper vehicle hauling.

Modern trucks have steeper load angles that can damage a vehicle while towing. Allowing modern trucks with advanced technology to tow vehicles guarantees a smooth towing process. Additionally, safety is another factor to consider when towing a car. Proper loading and securing your car with nylon straps enhance the vehicle’s safety.

Tows don’t always get their job done the way they should. That means they can cause damage to both the towed vehicle and the tow truck itself. If you see a towing company using unsafe methods and equipment, reconsider hiring them.


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