Whats the Best Car Window Wiper?

Your wiper blades are an essential part of your vehicle, helping to keep the windshield clear of rain or snow during rainstorms or snowstorms, thereby improving driver visibility. The YouTube video “The Best Wiper Blades in the World” sheds light on the best wiper blade options for car drivers.

Mary Anderson invented wiper blades in 1903. The original wiper blades were made of rubber.

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While they were effective at wiping, they deteriorated quickly when exposed to sunlight in dry weather conditions. Graphite was added to the mold mixture to improve the blades, but this led to irritating noise while functioning.

To solve this issue, silicone wipers were developed. Although they cost more than rubber or graphite wiper blades, they last longer and function much better. Elements that negatively affect the service life of wiper blades include ultraviolet rays, heat, and dirt in the atmosphere. Silicone wipers also have the added advantage of leaving behind silicon deposits as they work, making the windshield more waterproof and improving the wiping over time. This is unlike rubber deposits that make wiping difficult.

To increase the service life of wiper blades, ensure that the windshield is relatively free of dirt since this makes cleaning harder and wears out blades faster.


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