Why Clay Models Are Used To Design Honda Cars

A lot of work has to go into each and every car model before it even makes its way into production. Designers spend countless hours perfecting every detail. However, this may look very different from what you imagine. You may imagine fancy computer programs and even virtual reality. Yes, these tools are used. However, you will be surprised to learn what these cars are physically modeled from.

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In this video, you will find out.

Believe it or not, modern cars are still modeled with clay in the design phase. It simply provides much better visualization than digital graphics can. There is something to be said about actually being able to touch and feel your design. Further, clay is very easy to work with and make changes on the fly. If you need quick repairs to your Honda, you likely look to a garage that offers Honda repairs. In the design process, Honda can’t simply take a prototype to a garage. They need to make changes themselves and they need to do it quickly. That is the benefit of clay. Keep watching the video to learn about the other benefits of clay in car modeling.


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