How To Determine a Bad Repair and Paint Job

If you are trusting paint and body shops with your vehicle needs, you shouldn’t have to worry about lackluster or faulty work. Watch this video to see what a bad repair and paint job look like.

When analyzing a paint job on a car, there are things that most average people won’t pick up on.

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A lot of the time, a bad paint job is covered with what are known as “fish eyes” which are blemishes or inconsistencies in the paint job. Either there are these fish eyes or dust particles that were not properly managed before the paint job was finished. A lot of the times a bad paint job is solely due to a lack of attention to detail. If you are trusting a shop with your vehicle’s paint job, you want a high attention to detail as these kinds of services tend to be rather expensive.

Inconsistencies with the gaps between car parts are also a common issue with bad repair jobs. Although that kind of thing may not seem like a big deal, it can lead to further issues down the line. Consistent door gaps and proper paint jobs are things you expect from paint and body shops. If you are not receiving the proper results, you should not have to pay the premium that is most likely expected from you.

Attention to detail and making sure the customer is getting the best possible end result should be the biggest focuses of any body shop.

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