Learn How to Cut Car Keys Like a Pro

Locksmiths use the scoping process to make any type of key, such as a car key. The procedure entails inserting a tiny specialized scope into the lock. By analyzing the locking cylinders in the mechanism, locksmiths are able to cut a new key that matches the distinct properties of the particular lock.

A car key cutter works in the same way and can make around $80 for duplicating keys. However, if the service involves cutting, coding, and programming a new key, the fee will be much higher than $100.

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Automotive locksmithing is a lucrative business, which is why most people want to become a car key cutter.

A lot of drivers who need car key cutting services turn to auto locksmiths because the rates are lower compared to dealerships. This factor makes it all the more appealing to start a business cutting keys.

Before you jump on the bandwagon, though, remember that you need several things to get started cutting keys effectively. Today, most modern cars use an anti-theft, transponder key which means that the car will not start if the key used is not the original.

With this in mind, you need to understand every integral part of the key cutting process. And in this interview video by Combe Valley Campers, Richard of Brighton Car Keys explains the steps involved in professionally cutting and coding new car keys.


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