Proactive Maintenance Can Help Delay the Need for Car Repairs

The video discusses several preventive measures that vehicle owners should take to delay his or her need to have car repair services done.

One thing mentioned in the video is that owners should be diligent in their efforts to change their engine oil. Engine oil is vital for keeping down friction and keeping dirt, debris, and metallic parts from tainting the engine’s sensitive parts.

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The speaker mentions that the vehicle owner should ensure that he or she gets the type of oil mentioned on the oil cap. For example, the vehicle owner should put 5W-20 in the car if the cap says it takes that type of oil.

Changing the transmission fluid may be necessary, depending on which vehicle the car owner has. Some cars have messages on them that say they don’t have to change it under normal driving circumstances. Thus, changing the fluid may not be necessary unless the individual lives in a desert-type environment.

Performing maintenance on the cooling system is also highly advised. The cooling system can ruin the engine if it gets clogged and overheats. Thus, it’s a good idea for vehicle owners to have the cooling system flushed and change the coolant at the appropriate intervals.

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