Buying a Trailer Refrigeration Unit Here’s What You Should Know

As a trucking company owner, cold chain transportation is a particularly profitable niche compared to regular freight. And adding commercial trailer refrigerated van can help set up your business for success. However, reefer trailers are different in make, design, functionality as well as price. Some reefer units are designed using substandard materials and poor structural integrity that eventually costs you more in repairs and maintenance in as they age, through service life.

To find a reefer trailer, whether you’re looking to buy new or used trailer refrigeration units, there’re key features to keep in mind.

How to Choose a Used Reefer Trailer

Impact Resistant Scuffliner

A good reefer trailer is built with an impact-proof scuffliner made from a lightweight thermoplastic composite, and not aluminum as it dents and punctures easily. Another reason why aluminum is not the best material for trailer scuffliner is its flexibility, pulling away from the wall causing cracks that collect dirt when handled by forklifts.

This lightweight thermoplastic material is highly durable and effective in resisting corrosion, debris, rot and mildew build-up. Additionally, it offers excellent impact resistance to the reefer and resistance to corrosive cleaning chemicals.

Stable Floor Design

Optimally designed refrigerated units and trailers feature superior floor design which significantly reduces weight, and maximizes thermal insulation. Floor stringers, screws and supporting cross have to be well fastened for strength and recessed for protection against corrosion. These fasteners should be made from high quality and durable materials, such as high-density polyethylene (HDPE), which is excellent against moisture and structural weaknesses. Floor stringer made from HDPE is recyclable and much lighter than regular wood stringers.

Protective Roof Design

Good reefer trailers, whether buying new or used Thermo King refrigeration units for your cold chain business, will have an additional layer to protect the roof from damage that’s often caused by tree limbs. This prevents any possible leakages to optimize the trailer’s thermal efficiency. The extra layer is usually made of aluminum and with its renowned properties, it makes a superior roof design.

Heavy Duty, High Base Rail Design

Aluminum rivets are not the most ideal for attaching cross members bolts to the bottom rail. Instead, choose stainless steel which prevents dissimilar metal corrosion when used with nylon washers. Stainless steel rivets and bolts are stronger than aluminum ones, which guarantee years of structural floor integrity. Most used Thermo King refrigeration units feature high base rail design for efficiency.

Anti-Corrosion Design

Another important element to consider when choosing a reefer trailer unit is the anti-corrosion resistance design for the plates. Stainless steel plates provides excellent resistance to the fifth wheel, preventing frontal damage, reducing corrosion, and lower repair costs.

When shopping for a reefer trailer, ensure all the above quality features are checked for a durable and functional van. Buying a used reefer is an economical and wise investment since the initial capital is much less than buying a new refrigeration unit, and inevitably you save a lot in terms of repairs and maintenance. You may want to consider used Thermo King refrigeration units.

Whilst the cost of buying a new or used refrigerated truck may not seem attractive to small businesses, which would prefer hiring refrigerated vans instead, there are many good reasons for choosing to buy a trailer for long term economics as well as delivery opportunities. Used Thermo King refrigeration units is an example of the many brands of reefers you can choose to buy.

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