Car Maintenance Tips for Winter

Winter is rough on everybody and everything — including your car. Following some simple car maintenance tips for winter can help you to avoid dealing with breakdowns this season.

Of course, it is important to ensure that you are getting the car maintenance that you need year-round, but it is more important in the winter. The cold weather can really put some wear and tear on your vehicle. It is important that you give it a little extra TLC.

Car Maintenance Tips For Winter

It is important that you prepare your car for the harsh winter months. A full once-over by your mechanic is always a good idea before the cold arrives. Oil changes, fluid checks, brake checks, and tire pressure checks should all be conducted before the winter weather arrives.

Every eight seconds, there is a rear-end collision which results in the need for auto body repair. Many of those accidents come down to improperly maintained vehicles. Good tires and braking systems are a must for winter driving.

As a matter of fact, it is not enough to have good tires; you want to make sure that you have tires that are rated for winter weather. Some “all-season” tires just cannot get the job done on snow-packed roads. If you want to avoid serious dent repair Sioux Falls drivers need for damages, you need better tires for the winter.

One of the most common breakdowns in the winter is a dead battery. You can avoid trying to jump off your battery by making sure you include it on your car maintenance tips for the winter list. Take a few minutes to check the age of the battery by locating its sticker. Replace it if it is near the end of its warranty period or you’ve had issues with the engine turning over in the past. You can also have your battery checked at your local auto parts store.

If it has been a while since you had your coolant system flushed, now is a good time to schedule it. Making sure you have the right grade of anti-freeze in your system and that all parts are functioning is a good way to get your vehicle ready for the winter.

You’ll also want to keep your car clean. Salt that is used to clear roadways can really damage your vehicle. Regularly clearing the road dirt can help to extend the lifetime of your paint and your auto’s body. Winter is not the time to stop washing off your car.

Following these simple car maintenance tips for winter can help to keep you and your car on the road without incident this winter.

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