When the oil industry is mentioned, people focus and pay attention to the oils used in plants and machinery. Very few people think of mineral oils, which have turned out to be very productive products in the last few years. Mineral oil is a byproduct of the traditional oil distillation process that yields high-quality oil.

In the last few years, there has been a huge controversy surrounding mineral oil, but everything has now been brought to light. Mineral oil is a high quality product that is currently being used in the cosmetic, food, and medical industry.

Here are a few ways through which you can use mineral oils to improve yourself and your loved ones.

1. Repairing Cracked Feet

Studies show that millions of people around the world are suffering from dry and cracked feet. This is a skin condition that is mostly associated with fungal growth and development, especially to the people walking bare feet and those coming into contact with large quantities of water. It is a condition that is very hard to prevent and repair.

If you have cracked feet, you can eliminate this problem using mineral oil. Applying the oil before bedtime will play a critical role in keeping your feet smooth and moisturized. If you remain persistent in the application, you will eliminate the issue of cracked feet.

2. Skin Treatment

White mineral oils have, for many years, been known as reliable and very useful products for treating sensitive skin. A study done in 2012 found out mineral oils can be used to solve several skin issues. One of the most serious problems that can be solved by white mineral oil is sensitive skin among infants. People who record skin irritation after coming into various products and plants can easily eliminate this problem using mineral oils.

3. Skin Improvement

Mineral oils have emerged as very important products that can be used for skin enhancement. Millions of people out there have various problems associated with skin dryness. Although several oil products have been used in eliminating skin drying, mineral oils have proved to be very reliable products in the treatment of skin dryness. You can apply this oil after bath and keep moisture from escaping your skin. It will help you to maintain healthy and soft skin, especially during the winter months.

4. Infant Care

As highlighted earlier, various white mineral oils can be used for pharmaceutical applications. Although they are not used as drugs, their use and application play a critical role in infant care. Millions of babies around the world experience various skin conditions, most of which can be solved with the use of mineral oils. Conditions such as diaper rash and cradle cap have, for many years been solved using light grade oils. It is important to highlight that baby oil is just mineral oil with the exemptions of fragrance.

5. Removing Dandruff

Flaking dandruff is one of the most embarrassing experiences. They are associated with dirt and other skin conditions. However, using mineral oil can help deal and eliminate this embarrassment. Applying mineral oil on the scalp and leaving it for more than one hour can help eliminate such embarrassments. When combined with other treatment plans such as shampoo, mineral oils will revitalize and moisturize your scalp thereby getting rid of dandruff.

6. Treatment for Constipation

Constipation is a common problem among millions of people around the world. Although there are various methods of dealing with constipation, you can use mineral oil to eliminate acute constipation. Mineral oil plays a critical role in enhancing the movement of your bowels, which is one of the standard methods of treating constipation. You might as well have taken mineral oil orally or through an active ingredient in many laxatives when dealing with constipation.

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