How to Know that Your Snowmobile Fuel Filter Has Some Problems

Snowmobiles are some of the best automobiles in the arctic region or during winter. Studies show that most of the people in North America drive their snowmobiles an average of 1,250 miles every year, especially during the winter season. As the winter season approaches, it is high time you get your snowmobile up to speed by ensuring that major components of the automobile are functioning as expected.

One of the most critical and essential components of your automobile is the snowmobile fuel filter. The primary role of snowmobile fuel filters is to filter out contaminants and unwanted materials from the fuel before it is drained into the engine for combustion. You need to replace your snowmobile fuel filter regularly because they get saturated within a short period. Here are some of the warnings that you need to get your snowmobile fuel filter replaced.

1. Difficulty Starting Engine

The primary role of fuel filters is to control the amount of fuel entering the combustion chamber. In situations when the fuel filter is damaged, mass fuel and air enter the combustion chamber, which makes it difficult for the engine to start. If you are finding it hard to start the engine of your snowmobile, you should consider replacing your fuel filters. Although other factors could be the cause of the problem, it is necessary to check your filters first.

2. Engine Misfires

Engine misfires are very common in older snowmobiles whether in motion or idling. If you experience engine misfires in your snowmobile, it is high time you check the status of your fuel filters. As highlighted above, snowmobile fuel filters help in filtering out contaminants and foreign materials in fuel. In an older snowmobile filter, there is a high chance that dust particles will pass through the filters and end up blocking the fuel injectors. This is the main reason why the snowmobile engine misfires.

3. Rough Idling

If you realize that your snowmobile is experiencing rough idling, you need to check on the fuel filters. Many people have a perception that rough idling is a normal situation in automobiles. However, this is not the case. If your snowmobile has a cropping rough idling, you need to consider the entire snowmobile fuel pump, especially the filters. Although this is not a sign of something serious, you need to take precautions before everything goes out of control.

4. Reduced Fuel Mileage

From your manufacturer, you are already aware of the fuel mileage of your automobile. If you realize that your automobile has reduced fuel mileage, you need to check your snowmobile fuel filter. A worn-out fuel filter allows sediments and other debris to pass to the injector pump. In such circumstances, the functionality of the entire fuel pump is compromised, leading to a situation where excess fuel is pumped to the combustion chamber. To achieve your average fuel consumption, you need to replace your filters.

5. Whining Fuel Pump

A whining fuel pump is a clear indication that there is something wrong with the fuel filters. A saturated fuel filter will always struggle to pass fuel to the injectors. If you can hear the whining sound as you drive through the ice, it is high time you take the necessary repair action. Sometimes you could be mistaken. To confirm your fears, you need to ask another person to listen for a whining sound from your filters.

6. Struggling Uphill

You expect that your snowmobile will move easily on top of the ice without problems. However, if you find your snowmobile struggling uphill, you need to change your fuel filters. Struggling uphill is a clear indication that the filters are not passing sufficient fuel to the engines. Finding it hard to accelerate through ice also illustrates huge problems with your fuel filters that need to be handled.

If your snowmobile has exhibited any of the following symptoms, you need to pay attention to fuel filters and replace them immediately. Quantum Fuel Systems manufactures and supplies the best fuel filters for any automobile in the industry. Reach us for fuel filter needs and other engine components.

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